Our Vision

We strengthen the mental resilience 
of every employee and organization 
to develop their true potential. 

Our purpose

Digitalization has changed our work lives by transforming the way we work into an experience that is more flexible and more inclusive. It has also massively impacted our personal wellbeing. In an always-on world, burnout has long been a threat for many people at the workplace.


While the risk of mental health problems has increased with the rise of digital technologies, the Covid-19 pandemic has further catalysed mental health problems. Organisations are now pushing their employee well-being up the ladder of corporate priorities. They hold a responsibility for the mental health of their employees - more than ever before.


However, due to the fear of discrimination, mental illness often goes unrecognized and untreated, especially in workplace environments. Many corporations are not equipped well enough to protect employees from developing mental illnesses or dealing with them when they arise. Employees on the other side do not feel safe to address mental health topics with their employers.


We at mindguard are here to change this. We want to destigmatize mental health by providing both employers and employees with the right tools to become a healthier workplace and protect the mental wellbeing of employees. We believe that only being mentally healthy allows us to develop our full potential. It is our aim to bring mental health to the center of the work environment and ultimately of society.


Mindguard has developed a cutting edge mental wellbeing product for employees and organisations. We strongly believe in prevention of a mental condition instead of treatment when it’s too late

We provide employees a safe and guided environment to assess and improve their mental wellbeing and get in touch with psychologists for adhoc interventions.

Employees can feel safe to access individual help and resources at any time and anywhere they need it. This is why compliance with the highest data protection standards plays a paramount role for us. While the employer better understands the mental wellbeing of the organisation, no personal information will ever be shared with the company. With mindguard, employees can trust the fact that they will always stay in full control of their own data and to be able to track their own path.

In our digital work environment, employees need and demand their employers to take action. Prioritizing mental health is here to stay. Let’s not let it go back to being hidden. This is what we are here for. 

Our team

Felicitas Weil von der Ahe

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Prior to mindguard, Felicitas led HR & Strategy at Finanzcheck. Before joining Finanzcheck, she worked as a strategy consultant at Siemens Management Consulting for 3 years. She studied business, economics and politics at Zeppelin University and ESCP Europe.


Felicitas comes from a medical family and has always been interested in wellbeing. She runs a sleep blog and loves to do sports. 

Felicitas thinks mental resilience is a key pillar of overall human health. Working on this needs should be as normal as working out physically. She wants to help everyone to stay mentally fit and put it at the center of society.

Elisa Große Frie

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Elisa studied business and finance at Zeppelin University, Butler University and ESCP Europe. She started her career at foodora where she led Operations Germany. Until she founded mindguard, Elisa was responsible for Operations and Account Management at Zeitgold.

During her career she has always put focus on supporting colleagues and employees. Aiming them to take care of theirselves and allowing them to develop their true potential. 

Elisa experienced that there are extremely effective mechanisms which help strengthen mental resilience, especially at work. She wants to make this help available to everyone.

Clara Noering

Trainer and Content Development

Clara graduated from Witten Herdecke University with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in clinical Psychology. She then started her training in psychotherapy with a focus on behaviour therapy and schema therapy at DGVT Berlin. Prior to mindguard, Clara worked at different mental health institutions and is treating her own patients at DGVT Berlin.

Clara knows what improves mental resilience is different for everyone. She wants to give individual advice and find the best exercises for each mindguard user - easy to access wherever you are.

Teresa Broenner

Trainer and Content Development

Teresa holds a bachelor and master degree in psychology from the University of Ulm and University of Salzburg. Her focus is work psychology. In addition, she is a trainer for resource-oriented coaching.


She choose to be a psychologist with the goal to helping people help themselves. She specialized in working psychology because she knew that small changes in our behaviour can have an enormous positive impact on the organizational atmosphere and on our own wellbeing. 

Henrik Schuran

Digital Content Development

Henrik is coach, business trainer and digital learning expert. Henrik studied business at Leuphana University Lüneburg and at Shanghai Normal University. Digital learning is his passion. In his earlier jobs he worked for Haspa and Finanzcheck. In both jobs he developed digital learning platforms and its content for the workforce.

Henrik thinks mental health sets the base for our all day life. Motivation, work engagement, coping efforts, joy, happiness, relationships...He wants to help people to protect and  strengthen their mental capacity, so they can live a healthier and more satisfied life.

Malte Sieckmann

Business Development

Malte studied Politics & Economics at Zeppelin University and University of the Andes, Bogotá. He previously worked for METRO AG in Berlin and AGP Security in Colombia. Aiming to have both a positive social and a disruptive business impact, Malte supports business development at mindguard while analysing macroeconomic trends, public policy and monitoring market activity. 

For him, the megatrend mental healthcare in combination with digital solutions is still in an early stage and will transform society and business for years to come. Personally, Malte is convinced that individual action paired with professional guidance can be a powerful tool to achieve personal growth and mental resilience. 


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